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Upload up to 20 audio files. Maximum individual file size is 50MB. Read the Terms of Service.

How To

Start uploading, converting, and streaming your audio files absolutely free. Just follow these simple steps to generate your first playlist or convert your audio files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is there a maximum audio file size of 15MB?
A: As a free service we must limit how much bandwidth each song that is uploaded can use. As it is, converting 10 audio files at the maximum allowed size is nearly 150MB which is a large upload. For large files please use a desktop application.

Q: Can I convert video files to audio files?
A: It is suggested that a desktop app be used for video to audio conversion.

Q: Can I convert M4P to MP3?
A: At this time we are unable to provide a service for converting M4P files. M4P files are a proprietary format which the system does not allow.

Q: Can I convert WMA to MP3?
A: WMA files can be opened for conversion now! Convert any WMA files that you may have on your computer to any of our available output formats.